Music engraving rates are different for every single work. As the music case is very varied it is not possible to establish in advance a standard cost per page. We prefer, therefore, to evaluate case by case by examining first some samples pages of the music to be copied.

For standard notation we use an average price for each musical measure containing music.

To reach the total cost of a score simply multiply the number of musical measures (not empty) by the number of staves and for the unit price set.

  • Standard Notation cost per frame, from € 0,15
  • Parts extraction from our engraved score, page-based cost:
    • A4 sheet (21×29,7 cm, 7-12 staves on each page) € 5,50;
    • A3 sheet (29,7×42 cm, 7-16 staves on each page) € 8,50
  • Non standard notation (contemporary music, ancient music, tablatures etc.) need to examine music for a free estimate.
  • Musical samples: cost per frame, from € 0,25
  • Method books: cost per frame, from € 0,25 + hourly cost for paginating from € 20,00
  • Others: Symbol creation, output of audio file from score, MIDI exporting, musical pages advanced music graphic design, etc.
    hourly cost from € 20,00

The total cost includes two drafts and a final printing and it’s intended VAT excluded.

If during the correction of the drafts the author make some changes, those will be counted apart.

Payment accepted also with: