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Wolfang Witzenmann (composer) Wolfang Witzenmann (composer)

From 1985 I collaborate with M ° Guido Piperno and his staff for the graphic design of some of my compositions through computers. It is both conventional music notation and non-conventional notation and in part unusual for which the staff of the studio has always found convincing and elegant graphics solutions. In all circumstances the realization proved to be very successful, clear and easily adaptable to the execution of the pieces in question.

Stefano Taglietti (composer) Stefano Taglietti (composer)

In my opinion, working with M ° Guido Piperno and his collaborators is indispensable. Piperno is certainly one of the best Italian copyists and Paginators and, certainly, among the most capable and skillful connoisseurs, in absolute, in the use of the programs of musical notation and in particular of "Finale". I am sure that the E.M.C. study will, in future, have a growing and important role in supporting the increasingly complex work of today's composers.

Pietro Borgonovo (conductor) Pietro Borgonovo (conductor)

I worked with M ° Guido Piperno on the occasion of the preparation of the score and the material for soloists, chorus and orchestra of the opera by Adriano Guarnieri "Pietra di Diaspro". We have elaborated together first the graphic system, if we can call it, to make in the print edition the energy, unique and very special, not only the sign of the author, but precisely the sound and musical strength that it includes in itself. You think it was something very complex. It's true! But I can with immense joy to say that I found in Guido and his collaborators an openness to knowledge and a professional seriousness absolutely extraordinary. Together we have overcome very great difficulties that in fact did nothing but cement our serene way of working. This is great for me. Working and being happy also in the effort is a goal to reach that I wish everyone. Thanks Guido, thank you all! If at the end of the shows all applauded so much and if there was not a single mood in the orchestra (indeed!!!) This is very precisely to you, because to read with comfort a very difficult music to perform is fundamental.

Paolo Baioni (composer) Paolo Baioni (composer)

Let's take the point. When you are happy to have spent well, the content, given the context of spending, says everything: competence, readiness, clarity... When you say and you are sure to be understood, when you count and the gear "takes"... Of course, our times create a context in which the minimum par maximum, EMC study also holds in the context "past times", where the word was worth, a good viaticum for the next few years.

Michelangelo Piperno (guitarist) Michelangelo Piperno (guitarist)

Guido Piperno is a very serious professional in the editorial industry. I had the opportunity to work with different people in the sector but its competence, professionalism and a rare kindness make it certainly one of the most authoritative figures. P.S. We are not relatives

Luigi Taglioni (Rai Trade) Luigi Taglioni (Rai Trade)

The studio E.M.C. by Guido Piperno represents a safety for the RAI Trade editions of contemporary music. A group of professionals of the highest level, formed by talented musicians, who combine the thorough knowledge of computer transcription techniques, a human readiness that makes any work enjoyable and agile. The deep relationship of mutual esteem between the E.M.C. study and most of the composers of the RAI Trade catalogue is now consolidated; The team of M ° Piperno manages to satisfy all their requests both technically and artistically, with "translations" always of high level of all those difficult graphic signs characteristic of the contemporary music production.

Fabrizio De Rossi Re (composer) Fabrizio De Rossi Re (composer)

Thanks to Mr. Piperno and to EMC studio staff now even digital musical press has got a soul. Indeed in a thousand occasions he managed to find unusual and original solutions to satisfy our (my) machiavellic score paging.

Celestino Dionisi (Recorder teacher at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome) Celestino Dionisi (Recorder teacher at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome)

Thanks to M ° Guido Piperno of Studio E.M.C. and his expertise, patience and attention to detail my books of recorder technique have resumed life. My notes of 40 years of teaching were largely left in the drawer on scattered sheets, after a careful layout work now form a complete necklace, in 13 volumes, with a pleasing graphic appearance and an excellent readability for the musician, both Beginner than professional.

Angela Centola (guitarist and composer) Angela Centola (guitarist and composer)

I've hired to the Studio E.M.C. having already seen the quality of music writing in the compositions of M ° Sergio Coldagelli. Needing to publish my "four pieces for Guitar" and "Luna Nera" (four songs for two Guitars) for Sinfonica editions, I thought it appropriate, despite my knowledge in the use of music writing programs, to entrust myself to the skilful and precise experience of Guido Piperno and I was extremely satisfied. Professionalism, timeliness and sympathy make Guido Piperno a serious and reliable professional.

Andrea Fontemaggi (Rai Com) Andrea Fontemaggi (Rai Com)

Guido Piperno is an extremely helpful, quick professional with a thorough knowledge of the software. Working with him has always been a pleasure: the frequent "emergencies" that distinguish the production of materials for the execution of contemporary music find in Guido an extremely effective and ready response.